the arc of a smile….

Within every scale,

a seed.

Within every seed,

a story.

Of, where colors come from

and the weaver who knits them

into a solitary hour.

Why tails love to swish

in the arc of a smile

and some noses

do far more

than just sniff,

from the time they’re a child.

How the earth first trembled

at the triumph of song.

When a star reaches its zenith,

and a journey

that’s been so long.

Who shed a tear yesterday,

and will laugh

with hope on the morrow.

What the evergreen sees

and the elephant knows…


ellie894 April 20, 2021

and the bees come buzzing….

Mimosa trees

Full of bees

I count to five

With my sweet

young friends

And the bees

Of our fingers

Come buzzing

And the giggles


Then we all shout


So of course

We do!

Tiny fists


Like hives

Counting to fives

Until fingers

Like bees

Come buzzing

And giggles begin


Sillies and rhymes

Pages and times

Dr Seuss ways

And unicorn days

May we read it again

Pretty please

With buzzing bees

And soft truffula trees

Now, how can I say no

To a honeyed request

Such as that…


ellie894 June 3, 2020

Happy Wednesday 🙂

a south wind…

The wind is out of the south today

At 13

I checked

because it delighted me to no end

I could have walked and listened

For ages

It’s as though,


More than a million wings

That I cannot see

Are fluttering in sweet abandon

So that right


I can feel each and every one of them

How lovely is that

Already I have seen enough beauty

To carry me through this day

And well into tomorrow

But now,

There are children waiting

For me

And for stories

Perhaps I will tell them the one

About you

And how you inspired butterflies

To fill the air

And sent it as a south wind

To find me

And deliver a tender kiss…


ellie894 July 16, 2019

giraffes love to dance…

you seem to have something on your head that doesn’t belong there!…

if you’ll just let me get a little closer….

I’d be happy to take care of it for you…

thank you for your concern Dobby….

but, I’m reading a giraffe story today…

you know…

they absolutely love to dance…

yep, totally do…

by the light of the moon….

under the baobab trees….

to the music that rocks the night…

of course you may come…

I think you’ll love the story….

you can sit next to Destiny…

and afterwards….

we shall dance….


ellie894 July 5, 2019


wiggle and dance…jiggle and prance…little green frogs who shananana…bloopy blue fish…a Batman shirt just like mine…that’ll do it every time…snakes who are sneaky…tigers go wild…stories they shine…in the heart of a child…and for me too…chase away blusteries …turn over the boat…push off from the shore now…away we will float…