Such a tiny treasure 
Shall I try
To paint her portrait..
Gathered from the forest floor
With soft colors, a delicate brush
And swirls of imagination 
She shall have..
A dress of lovely lavender
Snowy white ruffles 
Tucked away just there
Gentle seams 
Repeating like heartbeats
Will it be a violet then
When I add myself to it
Would you have noticed before..
As she stood so quietly hidden..
Among the fallen leaves
Under barren trees
..carry her with you this day
Wherever you may go
And know
That I am
There too….

ellie894 February 19, 2020

it is never too cold…

Yesterday the sun shone gloriously

Oh, the sheer joy of it!

And the violets bloomed

No one told them

It is too cold for that

They didn’t know

So they did it anyway

Opened their delicate faces

And spread themselves as a quilt

Across the forest floor

Tiny lavender stitches

Holding the heart shaped leaves

Close to one another

In tender comfort

The forest is such a big place

Full of big things to see

And yet…

The violet

Mostly unnoticed

Makes a loving difference

As she silently gives

All it is hers to give…


ellie894 March 6, 2019