Cat named Bob

I heard a noise

In the brush

Just this very minute

And it wasn’t my steps

That made it.

Thinking it might be a deer

I turned quickly

And caught sight

Of a mad dash away…

But, not into the night

Too large for a rabbit

Too small for coyote

It right up and fled

And never it spoke

I’m rather content

That it rushed east

As I journey west

For I don’t think

It was a kindly purring feline

Of the domestic variety

Though, I do believe

It must have been

A Cat

A Cat named Bob

And I shall gladly leave it at that


ellie894 August 12, 2021


Already, it is warmer

than yesterday

and I hear the train

beyond the hummingbird

and well passed the hush

of windless leaves.

Clouds came early

and faded the rainbow

slipping through

the locked tight door.

They are gone

as the train is also

and the rainbow vanished

on this now

cloudless day.

Perfect tiny triangles

flutter at my feet

forward but not fast,

they call to me,

as slowly as the tree grows,

they say

or you shall miss it.

Miss what…

You’ll know it

when you move

as though time

stands still,

and It

lands upon

your open heart….


ellie894 May 7, 2021

the breeze…

Moonlight flooded the porch

And an owl who’d softly

Right up until morning was real

When a delicious breeze came calling

Take my hand

And come with me…

Through field and flower

To the hilltop of dragonflies

Dashing and crashing

In madcap mayhem

Then down to the water’s edge

…we wander..

Where the doe steps cautiously

Retreating into the underbrush

Only to return again

Once she knows it’s safe

For her young fawn

The only sound

Is of the light falling

From dawn to dusk

From dusk to dawn

Take my hand

Whispers the wind

And my thoughts race

As we go on…


ellie894 August 8, 2020


There is stillness 
Just here
Just now
It is full
And it breathes
And yet, 
So many wings flutter 
In the not far away nearby,
I pause my careful steps,
I look and look 
But, I cannot see feathers
Nor birds
I listen and listen 
To their soft imaginings 
It seems as though they follow me
Telling me
Of lovely magical things…
I know out there
The world is racing against itself
Trying so hard to win …
Nothing that is really worth winning 
After all.
When my pace quickens
As it must when I am not here
I hope,
That this will all come with me,
That I may hold the peace
And the shelter
Of this graceful moment 
And make it visible to those who need it most

ellie894 November 11, 2019

mama Tillie…

Never you fear…

Before I begin

I give you my utmost promise

That there will be a happy end

Simply because

Here I am

All in one piece

Writing this…

Ms Tillie Raccoon sort of wobbles

Straight passed

Towards the west

Where the water waits

It’s her way of distracting me

From her four funny children

Who play at hide and seek

Up, down and around

This barky circular tree

I smile at their games

And keep quietly on

As I have no wish

To be robustly greeted

On this fine morning

By protective Mama Tillie


ellie894 July 25, 2019

p.s. two are peeking, two are hidden…four altogether…make that five with mama

terrific tuesday…

For four years

Tuesdays have been terrific.

Now, they are only Tuesday again.

I think of how

We choose a word

To go next to another

To make something special of it.

Dobby stood alone

At the side door

So I leashed him

And we walked, the two of us

Under soft clouds

Up the black topped county road


Just because...

The sun peeked through

And I realized

There is shade here

Well beyond eight

I’m grateful for that.

Where I paused to turn

I found a lone passionflower

Climbing for the sun.

Driving moves one too fast

And you miss the small things.

Now I know it’s there,

I’m grateful for that.

I long to know

The simple, smallest things

The way,

Dobby’s ears bounce as he walks,

The trees cast restful shadows

Early on a summer’s day,

And just there, off eleven hundred

Sways a passionflower

In the tender breeze,

Each tells me the story

That it is in the simple moments

That love shall always be near…

I’m grateful for that.

I guess,

Tuesdays will always be terrific

After all…


ellie894 June 25, 2019

trod, tramp, trudge…

Do you have any idea how many

Many words there are for walk?!












Wend one’s way

And on and on…

However will I choose

Which word I want to use

I do not want to scare my dear readers away

With complicated verbiage

I do ever so want them to stay

So I ask of me…

What is it that I’m doing out there after all

Do I sally?

That’s ridiculous really

Sally is Charlie Brown’s sister

Not something that I do in the woods.


Now, that sounds nice

Is that what I do?

Well, let me see,

There are snakes

And critters…and mud…lots of mud

So, I wear boots

And watch my step

…no, I don’t believe

I am promenading.

Moving on…

Wend my way?


Wend my way has potential

Except…autocorrect doesn’t even know what that is

It insists on changing

Wend to send

That’s not right at all

I guess t’would be better

If I did not wend my way.

Back to basics then,

I put on my shoes

To head out the door

My feet on the ground

And not keeping score

One foot

Two foot

Back and forth

What then am I doing?

Actually doing?

I ask myself again and again…

Suzanne, I say to me

You are walking dear


It is a perfectly good word

Spelled out for a reason

Don’t be afraid of it

In this lovely spring season

I could go on exploring

The subtle nuances of walking

But, if you’ll excuse me

I’ll stop there

You see

It’s time for me to lace up my boots

And head out the door

For a good old fashioned

Ambling saunter…😉


ellie894 March 30, 2019