within you…

Roots to hold you well

Branches to reach for the sky

Sunshine to warm your spirit

Wings that you may fly

A trunk so strong

To keep the water of life

Ever inner, ever flowing

Rolling greens

To soothe your soul

And bonnets of blue

That your heart may always sing

A tiny nest

Nestled among them

A home that you may rest…


ellie894 February 26, 2021

some days …

Some days

The words







Polka dotted


All akimbo

Without a hand

To play

But, some days

They’re as warm

As sunset

Reaching ever far

Into the cold

untouched places

of nowhere

at the end

of a black tar road

that’s only

the beginning

of a long long night

holding gently

to a gone away day

And some days

they flutter

softly within reach

in kind invitation

To be at peace

..with your reflection


ellie894 February 5, 2021

heavenly blue…

Spring, hasn’t exactly sprung 
Yet, winter seems to be on hold
Not a stitch of bold
Nor is it cold
The birds are all a-twitter 
In the milky gray skies
With a healthy helping
Of mad mosquitos 
But, in my heart
I know blue..
Heavenly blue
Twitter, sets me to think of
Tutter, the mouse
Who lives with Bear
In the Big Blue House 
Thhaannkkk yyyoouu bbeeaarrrrr
He always replies
Softening not slurring 
That final rrrr
Not like a pirate thing
And it doesn’t so much roll
As much as it sings..
..Tutter’s heart full of gratitude 
His fur as blue as the big blue house
Such a silly little mouse
Whom I hear this fine morning 
Twittering in the birdsong nearby
Turning my white sky
To an enchanting blue
Quick as a wink
Or a blink
In the far away land
Of my mind’s eye…

ellie894 February 18, 2020

swirly and messy…

How very much I love brown too

The messiness and swirlyness of it

The color that comes first

…before the green

Brown holds everything together

So that the growing can grow


ellie894 February 7, 2020

in whatever way that we do…

It’s funny 
To read your own truth
Written by someone else’s pen 
On someone else’s page
And you wonder
At how it must be theirs as well
You quietly marvel 
At how small the universe must be after all
We each keep writing
In whatever way that we do
Some write with 
Fashion choices, long skirts or jeans
Career paths, engineer or artist
Creating and keeping of home
Passion, the loving and caring of all that lives
Instead of words
Words aren’t the only way of writing
Then, we keep on reading 
In whatever way that we do
Some read through
Books and museums
Skyscrapers and sidewalks 
Faces and listening
Spirited and growing things
Reading is a searching
Writing is too
And we all do them
In whatever way that we do…

ellie894 February 4, 2020