the beckoning…

Whispering and wild

It stayed so near

Beckoning me…

To follow if you please

So I did

When we arrived

At the winsome waterside

I knew

More than I needed to walk

I needed to be still

So I thought,

I will

And the light danced

…across the water

And the beckoning

…played the tune

And one snowy

….white crane flew

And it was

….a veritable dream

The light upon the lake

The crane and me

And the wild wild wind

….who always knew


ellie894 January 16, 2021

the wind whistles…

There is nowhere

The wind doesn’t whistle

As it sails down the hillside

Then up into the pines

Gathering the birds

Lifting them higher

Than they’ve ever been before

And when they tire

The tree will be there


To hold them

So they may rest..

One day soon

The wind will whistle

Its sweet love song

And their wings will be ready

To open and touch the sky again…


ellie894 January 23, 2020

can you see the wind…

Can you see the wind…

It came suddenly and strong yesterday afternoon

Whirling in confusion,

Delivering clouds that covered up a blue sky,

The air cooled the tiniest bit

As leaves fell in an autumn frenzy

That isn’t quite real yet,

I stood smiling as it whipped my hair

And gave me great hope…

…for rain…


ellie894 September 10, 2019

a south wind…

The wind is out of the south today

At 13

I checked

because it delighted me to no end

I could have walked and listened

For ages

It’s as though,


More than a million wings

That I cannot see

Are fluttering in sweet abandon

So that right


I can feel each and every one of them

How lovely is that

Already I have seen enough beauty

To carry me through this day

And well into tomorrow

But now,

There are children waiting

For me

And for stories

Perhaps I will tell them the one

About you

And how you inspired butterflies

To fill the air

And sent it as a south wind

To find me

And deliver a tender kiss…


ellie894 July 16, 2019

oh, yes…

The wind was playful last evening

Catching wisps of my hair

And placing them where he liked them best

Kissing my cheeks

First one and then the other

With a soft chill that warmed me through

Whispering sweet nothings in my ear

That left my lips parted in just the hint of a knowing smile

I tucked my feet up under me

And sat as near to the edge of the dock as I could get

So as not to miss a single breath

I gathered the soft fleece close about me

Listening as the breeze unsettled the evening’s quiet

The delicious curves of it sweeping in from somewhere far away

Swirling in the hidden notes of a beloved song

A solitary blackbird struggled to stay on course high above the sturdy ground

I wonder if he enjoyed the thrill of riding such a grand yet invisible wave

Me, I got lost in the ruffled edges

Of the gentle disarray

As he offered me the strong assurance of his mighty hand

Inviting me to tiptoe beside him

Over tiny mountain peaks of dazzling light…

Waltz with me…

Oh, yes…

I silently replied with loving eyes

He held me near to his beating heart

And, so we danced

Well beyond both his world and mine

In a timeless enchantment

That I’ll not soon forget…


ellie894 February 24, 2019


What awakened me in the night

I cannot tell

A song

Or a knowing

Perhaps a mystical spell

I lay quietly for a while

And listened

I read a touch of words

And listened

I left the inside

In favor of the outside

And the lullaby of the porch swing

I needn’t close my eyes to find the darkness

It was starless all about me

And I listened

As the wind whipped overhead

Now and then it fled the treetops

To swirl as gently as fingers through my untidy hair

I tried so very much

To think of nothing much

Especially not of the daylight

And all that awaited me therein

But, I was rather helpless to escape

The loveliest notions…

Gratefully back to my downy comfort I tiptoed

In knowing

That the gusty air would soon deliver cold rain

And, so it did

Tiny drops

Letting go

Seeking solace far below

Creating halos around halos

Reaching only for a moment

To touch one another

Before they disappear


ellie894 February 7, 2019