In a time

Sooner than you can imagine

You will be

a comfort and a beauty

Not because of anything you do

Only because

You’re you


You already are…


ellie894 August 7,2019

the sweet moment…

Most days

I walk down into the woods

Most days

I don’t look back into the field

Some days

I turn to see where I’ve come from

This day

I’m grateful

To know the sweet moment

Where the light softens

The path becomes clear

Love holds me

And my heart is at ease once more…


ellie894 July 31, 2019

the herald…

Blessed darkness

Embraces sky and land

The silence and the peace

Erase the need to choose

Just breathe

And rest

Stars begin to fade

The time has come

Birds herald the arrival

Of the long awaited sun


ellie894 April 2018

all are one…

Paints and brushes to fluff the clouds and wisp the sky….pen and page to curve the letters that dare to dream…..songs and melodies to echo the drum of dancing thought….stories and tales to treasure and to hold by the warmth of a starry fireside….paint and pen, melody and tale….all are one, don’t you see….as soft as the whispers of my beating heart….when close you come….to create with me….


ellie894 March 2018


Everything has something to teach me if I will only listen. Some lessons I don’t ask for and don’t want. Nevertheless there they are. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to use the grace of them to help someone else in a way I don’t quite understand.


ellie894 March 2018




Did you Do that?!

I confess…

You’re a rumble tumble mess.

And I cannot imagine


You tucked yourself in

So nice and neat

To cozy covers

Already in place

Leaving nothing to show

But your sleepy sweet face…


ellie894 March 2018

but wait…

but, but, but, but, but….


we’re not done with the weekend yet!


have a wonderful week everyone!


not long…



So early in the morning?

On such a beautiful day?

With a whole world of adventure nearby?

What’s up with that?

Or more importantly…

How long will it last…


ellie894 March 2018